Best in Flexible Metal Hose, Expansion Joints & Braid

Founded by Josif and George Atanasoski, two Macedonian machinists in 1975, Microflex Inc. is a global and innovative leader in the design and manufacturing of high quality flexible metal hose, braid, metallic expansion joints, bellows and automotive products. 

Located in a fully integrated, 120,000 plus sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Ormond Beach, Florida, Microflex designs, builds, and operates efficient and advanced metal forming, wire braiding machining and pipe bending equipment. Microflex's many dedicated employees includes a staff of engineers that design quality products for reliability and value. Microflex Inc. is unique because we not only design and manufacture our innovative products; we design and manufacture the machinery and tooling needed to produce these products. Our integrated approach gives our engineers an understanding of the resources needed in the design and production processes. 

Our capabilities include: 

  • Metal Hose & Braid 1/4" to 30"

  • Metal Bellows 1" to 200"

  • Pipe Bending 1" to 6"

  • Elastomer, Expansion, Roll & Hydro Forming

  • Welding to ASME Section IX

  • Pipe & Duct Fabrication

  • Surface Prep & Paint

  • 20 Ton Crane Capacity

  • Extensive Machine Shop Capabilities

Microflex holds many manufacturing quality certifications, including ISO 9001, which assure the customer of a quality product, delivered on time. Stainless steel corrugated metal hose and wire braid are areas where Microflex's years of experience and know-how are invaluable to our customers. 

We are a member of the EJMA Technical Committee. We build, fabricate and test to EJMA, ASME U Stamp, European PED/CE, Canadian CRN and others as required. We use Finite Element Analysis and 3D Modeling to create efficient/effective designs, verify specifications and provide comprehensive analyses. Our extensive testing includes: HydroTesting, Helium Mass Spec Testing, Boroscope Inspection, Liquid Penetrant Exams, Radiography and Positive Material Identification to ensure each product meets our high quality standards.  

We use an intelligent design approach, creating the most efficient and innovative products on the market. You can count on Microflex to be your one, elite source for design & fabrication of flexible metal products for all applications.




Microflex Inc. always strives to be above the industry curve when it comes to all available qualifications and certifications in engineering and manufacturing.

See below for details on our certifications.

ASME Certification
ISO Certification
PED Certification
EJMA Member


Industries Served

  • Air Separation

  • Chemical

  • Cryogenic

  • Gas Turbine

  • Marine

  • Power Generation

  • Pulp and Paper

  • Steel


Expansion Joints Capabilities

  • Expansion Joints

  • Seal Bellows

  • Extraction Expansion Joints

  • Exhaust Expansion Joints

  • Abrasion Resistant Expansion Joints

  • Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints

  • Internally Pressurized Expansion Joints

  • Externally Pressurized Expansion Joints

  • Pump Connectors

  • Universal Expansion Joints

  • Dog Bone Type Expansion Joints

  • Single Expansion Joints

  • Inline Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint

  • Marine Exhaust Expansion Joint

  • Compensators

  • Steam Expansion Joints

  • Cryogenic Expansion Joints

  • Industrial Expansion Joints

Hose Capabilities

  • Hose Assembly

  • Jacketed Hose Assembly

  • High Pressure Hose Assembly

  • Double Wall Hose Assembly

  • Corrugated Hose Assembly

  • Flexible Metal Hose Assembly

  • Marine Hose Assembly

  • Fuel Hose Assembly

  • Cryogenic Hose Assembly

  • Steam Hose Assembly





1975 – Founded in Milford, CT.
1980 – Relocates to Ormond Beach, FL
1982 – Purchases 30+ acres for future manufacturing site
1984 – Constructs new 40,000 sq./ft. manufacturing facility
1985 – Receives certification for ASME U stamp
1988 – Enters automotive aftermarket with innovative Autoflex® products
1990 – Expands facility with additional 50,000 sq./ft. expansion joint production facility
1993 – Receives ISO 9001 certification
1994 – Expands facility with additional 15,000 sq./ft. braid production facility
1999 – Receives first large OEM automotive contract
2002 – Receives European PED certification (CE stamp)
2002 – Receives first large OEM automotive fuel system component contract
2004 – Installs automotive NVH and material testing lab
2007 – Formed Microflex Automotive as a separate business entity to specifically focus on supporting the OEM automotive industry.
2009 –Moves automotive manufacturing and operations into new 45,000 sq./ft. facility



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